Shark-Proof Wetsuits?! They Exist and They Are Awesome!

Shark-proof wetsuits


Shark-proof wetsuits do actually exist and they might be a smart purchase if you plan on jumping into the ocean anytime soon. Sure you may look like a drowning zebra, or the lead in a modern dance performance, but scientists and designers are betting that surfers might put looking just a little silly in front of being eaten by a shark.

The wetsuit was developed by product designers Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson. The production team then linked up with University of Western Australia to make the impossible possible. Fun fact…Did you know that sharks are colorblind? The team created a pattern that helps make you either uneatable or completely invisible to the vicious predators. Designers refused to comment on whether you get your money back if you get chomped in half whilst wearing one of the suits.

Bico Australia™ says “Surf’s up!”

Bico-Pacific-E-62-black-45 E62 – SNAP – White Pointers Revenge

B113 Black-black-45 B113 – SHARK TOOTH – Strength & Stamina

Bico-Pacific-CR46 45-Angle-bCR46 – STARBOARD – Universe is your Oyster

Bico-Pacific-E-56-black-45E56 – JAWS – Strength & Power

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