Shark-Proof Wetsuits?! They Exist and They Are Awesome!
Shark-proof wetsuits   Shark-proof wetsuits do actually exist and they might be a smart purchase if you plan on jumping into the ocean anytime soon. Sure you may look like a drowning zebra, or the lead in a modern dance performance, but scientists and designers are betting that surfers might put looking just a little silly in front
Ariel Winter FB 09-27-13 A Bico fan takes home a Prime-time Emmy! Congratulations Ariel Winter!!! She was even listed as a “Best dressed” on this year Emmy's red carpet. We’ve been friends with Miss Airel for a long time now. Look how she has blossomed!  Ariel Winter is wearing our Bico-Swarovski Crystal Set FRENCH LILY (CR1) - SPIRITUAL  TRUTH The Fleur de Lis is a
Pinky – A delightful rarity spotted in US waters…
Pinky- We've heard of pink dolphins before, although they're usually limited to such far-flung places as Hong Kong and the Amazon. But the U.S. has a pink dolphin too, a local favorite who lives in a Louisiana lake. "Pinky" was seen again this week. Because Pinky is albino, the pink coloring is brighter and more even, with no patches of
Chef Emmanuel DelCour wearing Bico Jewelry!!! YUMMY!
 Emmanuel DelCour - E130

Who doesn't appreciate good food? Somehow it tastes just a little more delicious when a Chef like Emmanuel DelCour is behind the whisk and frying pan!

He sure knows a little about making a fashion statement as well seen here wearing Bico’s ball chain F9 with
Bico and August…uniquely hot!

August fun facts

Did you know that no other month starts on the same day of the week as August? Or that August ends on the same day of the week as November every year? You could say that August bears resemblance to Bico jewelry. They are both unique and rockin' hot!