From a gift shop in Florida: “We sold 40 pendants that I could tell just since Sat am. This is sell-ing to adults and kids – I sold 3 pendants and a chain to a 12 year old boy today. They really get into what the pendants mean and the parents really love that we share that it is just like getting a tattoo but can be changed and not permanent”.

From a Nevada retailer: “My husband and I already have a successful retail store and wanted to expand with something new and unique that would meet our standards. Bico was an excellent choice for our business growth”

From a Hawaii retailer: “I?ve been in the accessory business 10 years and in the first year bring-ing Bico in to my store, the line did double my expectations”

From a Hallmark store in the Mid-West: “ We are so excited about the customers response to Bico. At first glance, it?s not the typical product line for a Hallmark but we recommend it to other Hallmarks who want something unique and inspirational”.

From a hotel gift shop: “It always nice to meet customers who see Bico and tell us where they bought their Bico necklace. They always buy another from us”.

From a North Dakota retailer: „Our experience has been great. We sell to all age groups and can?t even tell you what age group buys the most. It seems like we are calling our rep weekly to place another reorder”.

"My husband and I are already running successful business in Las Vegas. We were looking to expand with something new and unique that will meet our standards. Bico Australia™ brand was an excellent choice for our business growth."
- Sari Amber, Owner, Bico Las Vegas

"I have been 10 years in accessories business. I wanted to try to bring something fresh to my store. In the first year Bico Australia™ line did double of my expectation."
- Young Kiel, Bico Store Owner, Honolulu Hawaii

"We just open the location in Hollywood and have been very excited about the way customers respond to the products. They are captivated, and drawn to it in a glance. Bico Pacific was very helpful with making it easy to setup. We are very happy to be part of Bico Australia™ brand and we recommend it to any one who wants the opportunity to carry a product that is unique and inspirational."
- Grant Winfrey, Owner, Hollywood California

"It is always nice to meet in our location customers that wear Bico bought in other locations in the world. I just love selling them the new arrivals."
- Roi Gal, Cart Owner, Honolulu Hawaii

"The mall manager is so excited about our cart. He is impressed with how well we are doing so early in getting going. As of Friday we have met the monthly number to where we have to pay extra rent. Not always the best news to owe someone more money but it really shows that we are doing so well. I think because he sees what we are doing at our cart he is willing to go a little extra with us and is why he offered to give us the extra space with the display.

Our experience has been great since we started. I have made many friends sitting here in the middle of the mall and have sold to all age groups and would even have a hard time specifying which age group would be our single best.

Selling the product has been so much fun! People have loved the quality and the fact that each piece has a name. I have gotten very good with remember names and meanings of the pieces. I have worked extremely long days but have not tired in the least because I have so much excitement built up. I only wish there were more hours in a day. Thanks again for the opportunity and I hope to make you and all of the Bico family proud of what we are doing."
- Todd Pechtl, Bico Kiosk Owner, North Dakota